3 Fashion Trends I Avoid


Seems like once you tell someone you blog, they just assume you’re a fashion blogger. I’m not a fashion blogger, as much as I love fashion I have no desire to be a fashion blogger. And to be completely honest with you I wouldn’t be a very good fashion blogger, I’m a repeat offender when it comes to fashion. If I like something I will wear it to death.

I’ve noticed a few times that I’ve been shopping I’ve come back with my money in my wallet and not not really buying anything I’m in love with. When I go shopping I have some fashions I avoid which make my trips to the mall not so pleasant these days

Corkscrew – I already told you I’m a repeat offender when it comes to fashion, with shoes it's worse. It's like this even if I been wearing this 1 outfit with a particular pair of shoes once I have a new pair I want to test out the outfit with the new shoes see if they go.  Here’s my problem with cork it doesn’t matter if you pay good money for a pair of shoes with cork if you wear it too much it will show.  The more you wear the shoes, the cork part turn back and worn down.



Sundresses- I love sundresses but what I don’t like is the sundresses that show all your goodies. I’m 38FF so with me a simple sundress becomes provocative. It’s extremely hard to find a sundress that not cut low so I just stopped trying. I sometime wish their was a way I could keep my 38FF and switch out to a 34B when I want for fashion & working out. 

Dry Clean Only- I got enough going on, the last thing I need is another task or chore. And really even if I drop it off said items at the cleaners it will be a while before I remember to pick up. If I buy something that’s dry clean only I cant just like the item, I have to be in LOVE the item.

Tell me, what fashions do you avoid when you’re shopping?