The Side-Chick Checklist

In an effort not to become a side chick or to be in a relationship with somebody’s husband I’ve had to develop a side -chick checklist when dealing with someone new. 

No pictures please- I personally don’t like taking pictures but when dealing with someone new I look for opportunities to take picture. Will he be ok with having photographic evidence of our date or the fact that he’s spending time with me?

Prime Time Calling Hours- What time of the day does he call? Does he only call/text driving into work or while at work. If he’s only talking/texting me between the hours of 9 to 5 (work hours) Red Flag Why cant you speaking to me after the sun sets?

Advance Notice- How much advance notice does he need before we can go out. I’ve been known to create last minutes dates/outing to see how flexible he is. Do you have to check-in with the wife before saying yes to a date with me?

Public Records- Once I have your government name I’m checking public records.  Did you own a home? I can easily go to my city county appraisal office website and find out who you own the home with. 

Keep in mind the checklist should be an ongoing process, from the time you exchange numbers or first date until your ultimately married to him yourself.

Did I miss anything? What’s on your side-chick check list?

Why's It Got To Be Complicated???

Apparently Facebook forgot a few of the relationship statuses. Forget Single, in a relationship, married, engaged, and its complicated.

These are the people that I’ve been running into:

Emotionally Unavailable – I’m not in a good situation, I’m still hung up on my ex. I live and breathe for the moment they post something on social media 

Meantime Relationship - You’re the guy /girl I’m with till I meet my Mr./Ms. Right

I’m somebody’s Baby daddy, Baby Mama - I have a child/children they are not the issue but my baby daddy and baby mama may have an issue with you because we’re dating. The drama doesn’t bother you does it? Lets just focus on our Love

Auditioning Life Mates - I’m not dating to date I’m dating in search of a life mate, sooner rather than later please

Virgin Territory - I’ve never been in Love, never been in a relationship I have no idea how this is going to work so bear with me

Sex Please - I just want my way with you and will then move on to the next contestant.

3 Dates - After three dates of wining and dining you and being a sheep in wolves clothing I want your panties at your knees 

Emotional Roller Coaster - I’m on an emotional roller coaster right now I don’t know if I’m coming or going but I’m willing to date. Care to join me for the ride? 

God Will Answer My Prayers - I’m hoping/praying for the next relationship to fix everything that’s wrong in my life 

Lets Hang Out - I want sex, with no strings attached

Romantically Challenged - I fall in love, quick and hard and oh yeah P.S. I don’t know how to show love

Did I miss any? I’m still single, I’m sure I will run into others. I will be sure to keep you updated. Who have you meet on the dating scene?