What Every Graduate Has To Look Forward To

Congratulations graduates! We are all so very proud of you.

Best wishes for your career ahead!

In an ideal world your transition from college student to working professional world be seamless. If for some reason that is not the case, you may start doubting your choices “Maybe I chose the wrong major”, or “ why did I wait so long to start looking for a job”.

You’ve heard it before: the economy sucks!! Finding a job where you are actually putting your degree to use is going to me hard (damn near impossible). Hell finding a job waiting on tables is going to be hard too (much harder than you would have ever imagined). On top of dealing with finding a job and the upcoming student loan payments the are looming, I also want to prepare you for the family scrutiny.

Be prepared to be bombarded with:  

What kind of job does a degree in (insert current degree) get you?

How are your students loans- this is just my opinion but I believe anyone who asks you this question should make a payment toward said loan

Don’t you wish you had majored in (insert degree that you don’t have)?

What are your future plans –Polite but still being nosy. You know very well my future plan is to find a JOB

Then of course you're gonna run into a few people with a memory lapse so 3 days later they're still going to ask you: Did you find a job yet?

You may one day eventually avoid family functions so you don’t run into these folks and have to endure their questions.  I’m praying it doesn’t come to this for you but if it does, its happened to the best of us.

Also keep in mind these are the same people who helped you celebrate by attending your graduation and gave you those envelopes filled with money .Be gentle! Try not to say the first thing that comes to mind although I would not hold it against you.

Being Mary Jane Scares Me

Since the Being Mary Jane series debuted.  A couple of different people, friends, acquaintance and family included have said that I remind them of Mary Jane. All I knew about Mary Jane at the time is that on the show Mary Jane knowingly sleeps with a married man so I didn’t take it as a compliment.

I’ve finally caught up on all the episodes, this current season included. The episodes affect me emotionally and I have to be honest with myself and say... Mary Jane & I do share many similarities and that scares the hell out of me.  

1.     I love a good quote! Self Talk, Inspirational Quotes are a part of my daily life

2.     My life is centered around my profession/career – This seems to be the only area in my life that I have some type of control over

3.     I’m an Enabler / I Like Being Right

4.     Sex Toys – I’m a fan! I’m a single girl in my 30’s, not in a committed relationship what do you want from me?  For me, this is the best form of safe sex.

5.     No Boundaries with money. No husband or children of my own. I’m the person people come to first with their money issues

6.     “One Day you're going to actually believe that you the baddest chick in the game like you report to be” This was never an issue for me till I dealt with depression (that’s another blog post). Coming out of the depression I still have my moments of doubt

7.     Soap Box-No judgment here but I’m always ready to get on my soap box

 8.     Being single forever haunts my thoughts- As much as I love myself, and have learned to be happy alone, these thought creeps up

9.     In search of closure –So glad that I learned in my late 20’s that the closure I was searching for would have to come from within. Still have my moments but AMEN for small victories  

10.  In my early 30’s I may have visited a few single adoption sites and looked into egg freezing

11.  Holding on to someone who Isn’t available—I too have a David (nothing sexual and he’s not married but we're still good friends)

12.  Enjoying the company & penis of a man without actually wanting more from the man... enough said

Really now that I think about it I could go on and on about my MJish qualities.

I’m 31, so it’s still early (in my mind) but I do have my what if?? Moments.  But I’m not going to totally be a negative Suzy, I’m making the best use of my time traveling, working on myself, and becoming the type of women I would want to marry.  I will continue watching Mary Jane while also not letting society’s timeline put on more added pressure  (my mother included)