Should Women Propose to Men?

The traditionalist in me will not allow me to propose to a man.  Anytime I hear of a woman proposing to a man I shake my head. I’m not part of the role reversal movement. Even if you’ve been with a man for years and he hasn’t proposed it has to be for 1 of these two reasons: He’s not financially ready or he’s not ready mentally to be head of household.

So…….I gotta ask: How do you guys feel about this?  Women, would you do it? Men, how would you feel if a woman proposed? Would you feel emasculated?




2 Questions I Don’t Want To Be Asked By A Man

1.     Can I Kiss You?

-If you have to ask permission like we're in school the answer is No!!!!!!!! It’s most likely the wrong time and/or not desired. I would rather hear I really want to kiss you right now," as opposed to "Can I kiss you?"

2.     Did You Come Yet? 

-Wait what? If you have to ask that means you're not doing something right.  You just pumping in which case I need you to stop.  

Lets hear it ladies, any questions you don’t want a man to ask you? In love with and/ or otherwise 

Men Are Queen Manipulators

Women are known to be queen manipulators. I agree, we do lot of things better than men and manipulation is one of them but as I encounter more “'I live with my baby momma but we not together' single men” or 'I’m not looking for anything serious at the moment',but Im actively dating and pursuing women.  I’m going to have to give it to the men. Instead of lying and tell you they're single and live alone and having to keep up with the lies, they are more straightforward and forthcoming about their situation (it's a manipulation tactic).

Now that he’s been honest & truthful with you the ball is in your court. If you decide to continue to see him, he will remind you of the adult conversation you had about his situation. He’s not guilty of anything other than being very forthcoming about his situation. 

What do you think: is it a manipulation tactic on the man's part or just a man being brutally honest?