Details You Should Think About Before Agreeing to Be Part Of The Bridal Party

Its wedding season folks! I don’t know about you guys but outside of seeing the union of two people, becoming one, weddings come with a lot of drama.  Fortunately or Unfortunately  (depending on how you look at things) if you are part of the wedding party you get a chance to see the drama unfold 1st hand. I’ve been a bridesmaid for a few weeding, from my point of view a lot of the drama comes from the bridal party/bridesmaids not understanding what they are committing to once they say YES to being a party of the bridal party.


Outside of supporting your friend on her big day. As a bridesmaid be prepared:



You will be coming out of pocket, the costs of the dress, alterations, shoes, shower and wedding gifts travel & lodging to the wedding, on the day of, hair, nails & makeup


No guarantee that you will be happy with the wardrobe. Don’t laugh you know the likely hood of you liking the dress that you pay for is slim to none. You will pay anywhere from $100 to $400 for a dress that you will only wear once/ or want to be caught in public with  


You have to make time for fittings, attend pre-wedding parties and my favorite the bachelorette party plus you are also expected to help out with wedding preparations.

If she turn into Bridezilla  (you know your friend, how well does she handle stress and her need to have everything perfect) You may be forced to, cut your hair or change hair color, cover tattoos or she may even sign you put for the wedding weight lose boot camp

So before you yes to being a bridesmaid think these other minor details that we just discussed are you ready to make that big of commitment? Now because I’m nosy tell me about your wedding/bridal party horror stories