Details You Should Think About Before Agreeing to Be Part Of The Bridal Party

Its wedding season folks! I don’t know about you guys but outside of seeing the union of two people, becoming one, weddings come with a lot of drama.  Fortunately or Unfortunately  (depending on how you look at things) if you are part of the wedding party you get a chance to see the drama unfold 1st hand. I’ve been a bridesmaid for a few weeding, from my point of view a lot of the drama comes from the bridal party/bridesmaids not understanding what they are committing to once they say YES to being a party of the bridal party.


Outside of supporting your friend on her big day. As a bridesmaid be prepared:



You will be coming out of pocket, the costs of the dress, alterations, shoes, shower and wedding gifts travel & lodging to the wedding, on the day of, hair, nails & makeup


No guarantee that you will be happy with the wardrobe. Don’t laugh you know the likely hood of you liking the dress that you pay for is slim to none. You will pay anywhere from $100 to $400 for a dress that you will only wear once/ or want to be caught in public with  


You have to make time for fittings, attend pre-wedding parties and my favorite the bachelorette party plus you are also expected to help out with wedding preparations.

If she turn into Bridezilla  (you know your friend, how well does she handle stress and her need to have everything perfect) You may be forced to, cut your hair or change hair color, cover tattoos or she may even sign you put for the wedding weight lose boot camp

So before you yes to being a bridesmaid think these other minor details that we just discussed are you ready to make that big of commitment? Now because I’m nosy tell me about your wedding/bridal party horror stories

Why I Chose Not To Be A Bitter Baby Momma..

by: GeGe Pierre

Maybe it’s just me but I find the term “baby momma” to be so disrespectful. To me it’s a negative connotation of an unwed woman birthing bastard children. I prefer the term, child’s mother. Yes, I know it’s the same thing but the term baby momma just screams DRAAAMA!! I often hear stories of “baby mommas” putting their child’s father through hell.  A baby momma will keep the kids from seeing their father and put him on child support even when he is doing his part. A baby momma will tell their friends and family misinformation on how negligent the father is. A baby momma will spend her child support payment on bundles, stiletto nails, and Instagram boutique sales to get right for a Lil’ Boosie concert while her kids have Kool-Aid for dinner. A baby momma has no regards or respect for her child’s father. She will scheme, con, and become vengeful and spiteful. Sounds draining, huh? Why would a woman want to go through all that? Well, because she is upset that the father of her child(ren) does not want to be with her or she is upset that he has moved on. She goes on a tirade when things don’t go her way and is quite delusional. She refuses to believe that whatever she and the father of her child(ren) had is nonexistent. I am not trying to say that is ALWAYS the case when it comes to co-parenting, but when I hear “baby momma”, or “baby daddy” that is the dramatics I envision. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect or holier than thou. I am the mother of an infant and not with the father. He and I felt despite the circumstances, being cordial for the sake of our daughter was more important. Him being in her life and providing is all that I ask.. I am not spiteful, vindictive, or vengeful. I chose to have a baby by a man that was not my husband so he really can’t get all the blame. At the end of the day, we have a beautiful little girl to raise. My energy is reared towards raising a future queen, teaching her to never settle, and to always keep God in her life. I DO NOT have time to waste negative energy on her father because shit didn’t work out. It is what it is. If it is meant to be, it’ll be. If not, wipe those tears, pray to God daily, and chuck up the deuces.

Hey. I am GeGe and I am a happy mother of a five month old daughter.

What Every Graduate Has To Look Forward To

Congratulations graduates! We are all so very proud of you.

Best wishes for your career ahead!

In an ideal world your transition from college student to working professional world be seamless. If for some reason that is not the case, you may start doubting your choices “Maybe I chose the wrong major”, or “ why did I wait so long to start looking for a job”.

You’ve heard it before: the economy sucks!! Finding a job where you are actually putting your degree to use is going to me hard (damn near impossible). Hell finding a job waiting on tables is going to be hard too (much harder than you would have ever imagined). On top of dealing with finding a job and the upcoming student loan payments the are looming, I also want to prepare you for the family scrutiny.

Be prepared to be bombarded with:  

What kind of job does a degree in (insert current degree) get you?

How are your students loans- this is just my opinion but I believe anyone who asks you this question should make a payment toward said loan

Don’t you wish you had majored in (insert degree that you don’t have)?

What are your future plans –Polite but still being nosy. You know very well my future plan is to find a JOB

Then of course you're gonna run into a few people with a memory lapse so 3 days later they're still going to ask you: Did you find a job yet?

You may one day eventually avoid family functions so you don’t run into these folks and have to endure their questions.  I’m praying it doesn’t come to this for you but if it does, its happened to the best of us.

Also keep in mind these are the same people who helped you celebrate by attending your graduation and gave you those envelopes filled with money .Be gentle! Try not to say the first thing that comes to mind although I would not hold it against you.

Worst Whooping of My Life

This is my mom's favorite picture of us. Not because I was graduating from college but because this is the day she absolutely knew that I wouldn't be repeating the cycle of being a teenage mom.

This is my mom's favorite picture of us. Not because I was graduating from college but because this is the day she absolutely knew that I wouldn't be repeating the cycle of being a teenage mom.

My mother & I are extremely close, we talk about everything! Some would say that it's unhealthy but it works for us. We must have run out of things to talk about because our last conversation was about the worst whooping she gave me.

That whooping was so bad I still remember it till this day and apparently she does too (you know it's bad if she remembers)

Y'all remember Lil' Kim first album, Big Momma Thang. (For the purpose of the story I have to highlight that specific album and Who Lil' Kim was when she first popped on the scene

Imagine my 12 year old self-winding my hips rapping into the mirror: 

“I used to be scared of the d**k , now I throw lips to the shit. Handle it like a real b***h “

I’m not sure if I even understood what I was saying but my mom understood perfectly and for that the unleashed a world of hurt on me.

What made this whooping so bad is that she kept saying "Say it again, Say it again"!  Of course I was not going to repeat the very words that got me in my current situation. Finally after what seemed like I was reaching my pain threshold she tells me that she's not going to stop until I repeat the words  (what?????) So I did the only thing I could do, I repeat the words, between sobs and snot coming out my nose   “I used to be scared of the d**k now I throw lips to the shit Handle it like a real b***h. I knew in that moment that she was just getting started!

Till this day every time that song comes up I get flashback.