Hi Again!


It has been a while, more than two years maybe. You have to forgive me. Life was happing, and I just did not have the energy to do it all. Since we last spoke many changes on my end.  Some highlight since I was last here:

I moved to New York City fall of 2015 cues the Jay Z & Alice Keys New York song.  I miss Miami! I live in a tiny apartment without a closet; my mode of transportation is the train.  Now when the forecast says 50 degrees I say “not that bad” this coming from a woman who wore boots when it would hit 60's in Miami.  It’s a Miami thing we look forward to 2 or 3 days when it would reach up to the  60’s so we can dress in a fall wardrobe. Uber & Uber Eats takes all my money during the winter months. I’m spending less money on my trips to Target because who is going to carry all that shit on the train?

Fell in Love- It must be love because he has a child if you remember I was one of those people who said “I don’t date men with children” Well here we are! Now I’m trying to decide how much of the ins and outs of the relationship I will share online now that I’m back to blogging.

Online Dating – The dating pool is just as inferior in NYC as it is in Miami. I have tried online dating for the 1st time. So many honor stories that I will be sharing but the big plus is that I met “babe” on Tinder.

Lots of immeasurable, critical moments in this new NYC lifestyle, but most importantly I’m withstanding the cold winds and city nights. I’m now  a believer in the phrase, "If you can make it in, New York you can make it anywhere." NEW YORK is not a joke!!!!