Apparently You Didn't Know (Family Edition)

Every family has its own level of dysfunction some more than others. All of this family dysfunction has lead me here: Apparently You Didn’t Know Family Edition (#ApparentlyYouDidntKnow)


Apparently You Didn’t Know that it's 1 Queen per household – Grown people cant live with grown people

Apparently You Didn’t know that just because we're family and I love you, that doesn't mean that I like you- P.S You make it very hard to LOVE you 

Apparently you didn’t know that Moms feel like anything that came out of them, is their business (no matter how old)- my mom included

Apparently You didn’t Know that even vampires have manners- stop calling me at any hour of the night

Apparently You Didn’t know that once you took him back, after telling me what happened, I wont be as friendly next time I see him – You're over it but I’m not (third party offense is real)

Apparently You Don’t know that I know when you inquire about how I’m doing you're just being nosy –hence why you get the one word answers –FINE

Using the hashtag  #ApparentlyYouDidntKnow, share some family dysfunction that you’ve witnessed