How To Be A Grown Up

I have a job, does not mean that I have money. I'm not trying to be stingy with my money - if that was the case then that would mean I would actually have money. Currently, I'm mathematically in the negative. Since, personal finance isn't golf, it means there is no way that I am winning.

Remember, that one time we went out, and I calmly swiped my card. (I had no money! I was using a credit card! ) I say this to you my friend, who noticed that I am in a steady job with steady income and think it means I can party like it's 1999 ( I really just like that song, (by Prince)).

I am actually trying to budget myself out of the negative hole I calmly dug myself into. And, sure enough budgeting when you have some money is even harder than budgeting with no money.

If I choose not to eat out, it means I'm anti-social so once in a while I have to decide to let loose and eat out with my coworkers and bond over a nice American or Japanese meal or attend a concert or something to catch up with my friends who are in different life lanes.

So, I'm not partying every night - not because I don't want to let loose, it's simply because I let loose a while back when I didn't have to wake up the next morning to actually make that paycheck to pay for last night's "bottoms up".

Really, I'm not stingy or a money hoarder or anything like that. Really I'm just preparing for financial freedom - or at least let me get high up out of the hole where a little sunlight is able to seep through.

I don't like to be shackled; I do not want Credit Cards, Student Loans, Friends or a husband/boyfriend to tie me down and make me feel bound to them. So, if I can owe no man, woman or entity. I will be happy. I love sharing - just without the strings.