Apparently He Didn't Know...

Navigating the dating world leaves me with many questions. Questions like: Why did he say that? What did he mean by that? Does this mean that he’s interested or not interested?  Who initiated our last conversation, is it my turn to call? 

So many questions that I decide to put together list of moments that left me saying hmmmm…….. Maybe he didn’t know  

A little bit of insight into my world as a single women:

Apparently he didn’t know when getting to know me good morning texts mean nothing without a follow-up of genuine conversation. 

Apparently he didn’t know when you only call me on the drive to or from work, I understand that you are only talking to be because you are free to talk. You are not making time for me. 

Apparently he didn’t know when I say Goodnight at 2:15 pm that mean you just said something wrong. You done messed up buddy!

Apparently he didn’t know hitting is a good thing. Hitting or touching while I’m laughing  is my way of telling you that I’m interested. This is for all the brothers who say they are clueless to if a woman is interested.

Apparently he didn’t know liking all me selfie’s on IG leaves me saying what??? Is that your way of telling me that you like me?  Send me a DM next time telling me: I would like to take you out sometime, when are you free?

I know I’m not the only one experiencing these situations. What didn’t your partner or husband know? Or maybe it was you that that didn’t know something. Tell me about it.

Apparently You/He/She /We Didn't Know………….