Do You Use Protection During Oral Sex?

Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me. Lets talk about all the good things and the bad things that made me –I’m an 80’s baby, don’t judge me (and yes I did sing along as I typed this)

But really, lets talk about sex!

For me and my group of friends, our conversations always somehow turn to sex. I recently attended an HIV/AIDS Awareness event, the event had an open forum where people could share stories, ask questions & get tested. They also gave away a lot of goodies: male condoms, lube, female condoms and dental dams.

So in the spirit of friendship of course I had to share all my goodies and the education I received from the event with my girlfriends. 

I learned that people are no longer engaging in just SEX. People are more open and willing to engage in Fellatio /Cunnillngus (oral sex), both adults & teens without protection.  People seem to think oral sex lowers their risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Our conversation surrounding the female condom mirrored the conversation at the event. I know they exist but I’ve never used one (I wouldn’t even know how to put it on) nor do I see them in the stores.

Same goes for the dental dam. What’s a dental dam? I’ve never heard of it before? Where can I find/buy one? I pretty sure I’ve never seen one before.

A dental dam, like a condom, is a barrier method. It is a thin, square piece of rubber, which is placed over the labia or anus during oral-vaginal or oral-anal intercourse.

Being that so many people questioned the fact that they could easily find female condoms or a dental dam in stores as easy as they could find a male condom I decided to go shopping.

not as many options for female condoms compared to male condoms and no dental dams

not as many options for female condoms compared to male condoms and no dental dams

Sex Novelty Stores: options for female condoms are still slim compared to the male condoms but they do have an array of dental dams to choose from 

So ladies and gentlemen no more excuses. If we're really engaging in so much Fellatio/Cunnillngus we really need to protect ourselves/mouths. Make your way to the nearest Sex/novelty store