I'm Getting Ready to Have a Baby

I'm Getting Ready to Have a Baby


I know what you're thinking, "what, who knocked her up?" The baby is not here yet but because I suffer from anemia my gynecologist wants to start taking steps now to protect the health of my future baby, If I choose to have a baby in the future.

At 31 years old of course when the doctor asked me did I plan on having any children I was of on the defense.  I thought you too Doc, I get enough of this from my family.  

I was pleasantly surprised at the direction of the conversation, here I thought he was going to tell me I need to have a baby before it gets too late and me having to remind him I’m only 31!!!! However, he wanted to talk about preconception, getting me healthy before pregnancy, which means taking control now and choosing healthy habits.

Too many babies in the United States are born preterm, of low birth weight, or with birth defects. Taking some necessary steps (see below) my future baby will be less likely to be born early (preterm) or have a low birth weight. And will be less likely to be born be with birth defects or other disabling conditions.

Based on my individual health, my doctor has come up with a course of treatment for me:

Daily Prenatal Vitamins or 400 Micrograms of Folic Acid Every Day

Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight -Losing 15 to 25 pounds

Eating Well (plenty of vegetables & fruits)

Juicing - drink my greens as opposed to eating them

Exercising Daily – 20 to 30 minutes of cardio daily

Get Regular Check-ups


I left this doctor appointment feeling empowered.  So empowered that I’m now sharing this information with my community. This is a conversation that all women should have with their doctor about preconception health care. In an effort to be help, I even found this guide/checklist on the Center for Disease (CDC) website that you can use to develop your own preconception plan with your doctor



I’ve already started on my journey to good health (baby or no baby) and plan on documenting the process here on the blog with this hash tag #LosingBitByBit. Will you join me?