I confess! I was hating, I was envious

Being overweight is new for me. I graduated high school 115 pounds and left college 125 to 130 pounds flat stomach no back fat or love handles. Skinny girls, big boobs that was me.   Living in Miami the beach is a big part of my social life (lets be clear-going to the beach not going in the water). Going to the beach wearing a 2 piece was never an issue for me nor did I need a cover-up.

Now that 170 pounds I’m having issues with having to wear a swimsuit.  Trips to the beach while in my 1 piece sucking in my gut (sucking it in while wearing a swim suit is close to impossible by the way) feeling like a cow I find my self hating and being envious of the women who are working out and keeping their bodies right.

I don’t want to be that girl (hating on other women) Once I reached that point I knew it was time that I do something about my situation.  Regularly working out, staying away from the breads and sweets.

I’ve said it before I don’t want to be skinny. I just want to look good in my clothes, swimsuits included.  So I brought two swimsuits, I brought them both 1 size down to use as motivation to lose the weight so that my next trip to the beach I will be comfortable in my own skin and stop being a hater.