New Rules of Dating When Meeting the Family

No good man (by good I mean respectful) would introduce you to his family (mom, dad, brother, sister, kids) if he's not serious about you, Right??? 

For my parent's generation, meeting the family meant that your relationship is solid, it was a moment that you waited for. The person is serious about you, they are not dealing with other people and they see a future with you hence why you are meeting the family. 

The dating rules have changed  “meeting the parents,” mean nothing! His sister, his mother and his best friend from elementary will take you in with open arms (cute shoes girl! they hiring where you work?) knowing that he’s still in a situation with his baby mama and/or his on again off again girlfriend of 5 years.   

 We cant’ make assumptions.  Don’t let an invite to Easter Sunday or a family social make you think that you are exclusive or have you walking around with your guard down.

Processed as you were before the invite to “meet the family”. It’s more than likely just a date/outing where he doesn’t have to spend $$$

Sad I know, but we can’t overthink things… it’s not worth the heartache.