Sherri Shepherd Forced to Claim a Child She Doesn’t Want

Can this lady catch a break!  First her marriage was built under false pretense. And even though she’s not the biological mother of the child, she’s forced to be a mother to a child after both she and her former husband agreed to have the baby and paid for the surrogate to carry the child.

This is a truly shouda, woulda, coulda moment.

She would have been better off going for full custody cause the baby is a money line to connect him to her. He wants that child support! The roles have been reversed!

It gets more sad! Imagine how this child is going to feel after she reads that her mother did not want her.

I for one don’t understand how Sheri has been able to stay friends with Niecey Nash after all of this, Niecey introduced the former couple. Hmmmmm.....