Blood Sweat & Heels has me questioning my love for A Belle in Brooklyn

It's Sunday morning and Bravo is playing last season’s episode of Blood Sweat and Heels gearing up for the new season that starts tonight so my background noise today while I get my Sunday started is the show.

My reason for setting up my DVR to record the show last season was to meet Demetria Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn. I’ve been a faithful blog reader for years and purchased her book, A Belle in Brooklyn The go-to girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single. For me, the show would provide insight into Demetria life as a blogger, author and relationship expert.

While last season is playing I’m reminded why I stopped going on the blog as often as I did before and why I didn’t purchase her 2nd book. On the show Demetria is a mean girl.  She’s full of snarky comments and cattiness. If you’ve dealt with mean girls in your life before you will understand.

Most people go on a reality TV show to leverage into an opportunity and/or platform. Being that she already had a platform I’m wondering if her brand is suffering. I know I cant be the only one who’s noticed her as a mean girl or is turned off by who we see on TV after admiring her work for so long. 

She’s signed on for season 2, which leads me to believe that things cant be that bad so..... Here's to hoping.