Mr. Good Enough

I’ve met Mr. Good Enough and I don’t want him.

I’ve said this at 25, 27 and 29. Now that I'm 30 I have moments where I have doubts (who doesn’t?)

I’ve started going over the names under good enough list and putting the 80/20 rule into the equation, wondering if like me some life experiences have molded him into my ideal man.  I’ve gone over the list and I even thought about reaching out to one of them but I stop myself every time.

Looking back at the time what I said made sense then and it still makes sense today. I want and deserve that whole package. A man who I’m madly in love with who is in love with me. Someone who shares my morals/values and is willing to meet me half way even when we disagree.

And preferably someone who’s comfortable within their skin, ambitious and without child. (I’m thinking the without child will have to be omitted from my list soon because its getting harder and harder to met a man 30 and older without child these days but that’s another story for another time.)