Have you ever been in a situation with other people and assumed that everyone knew the same thing in regards to etiquette and manners?

Well, I find myself in those situations quite often where common sense has become less common.

I'm Lovely, a thirty-something living in New York, and Apparently You Didn’t Know is a platform to discuss all instances where common sense fails.

It's not me saying I know everything, and that's where you come in. It's really me saying, "Here's my two cents... but what do you think?" 

And to make things more interesting I even invited a few friends in on the conversation as contributing writers. I’m always willing to hear other point of views on a subject matter. If you want to be part of the tribe by becoming a guest blogger email me at lpayoute@gmail.com

I want to create a community where people can have dialog about everyday situations while adulating “properly” and we can be our  authentic self.

We ramble about fashion & beauty (Good Looks), the places we’ve been (Hot Spots), the love we share with others/things (Love Notes)  I often find myself having to explain  being 31, single ( never married) no children  (Love & Dating) Path to adulating and being part of the working class (Career & Finance) I just want to look good naked! You get a chance to see my journey #LosingBitByBit (Health & Wellness) all the while keeping it real (Real Talk). With that said, I call bullshit with respect and grace, and I believe that a well-timed "Have a good day" can be a great substitute for "f**k you" in almost every situation.

 Feel free to contact me using the form below  or email me at lpayoute@gmail.com

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