How To Be A Grown Up

I have a job, does not mean that I have money. I'm not trying to be stingy with my money - if that was the case then that would mean I would actually have money. Currently, I'm mathematically in the negative. Since, personal finance isn't golf, it means there is no way that I am winning.

Remember, that one time we went out, and I calmly swiped my card. (I had no money! I was using a credit card! ) I say this to you my friend, who noticed that I am in a steady job with steady income and think it means I can party like it's 1999 ( I really just like that song, (by Prince)).

I am actually trying to budget myself out of the negative hole I calmly dug myself into. And, sure enough budgeting when you have some money is even harder than budgeting with no money.

If I choose not to eat out, it means I'm anti-social so once in a while I have to decide to let loose and eat out with my coworkers and bond over a nice American or Japanese meal or attend a concert or something to catch up with my friends who are in different life lanes.

So, I'm not partying every night - not because I don't want to let loose, it's simply because I let loose a while back when I didn't have to wake up the next morning to actually make that paycheck to pay for last night's "bottoms up".

Really, I'm not stingy or a money hoarder or anything like that. Really I'm just preparing for financial freedom - or at least let me get high up out of the hole where a little sunlight is able to seep through.

I don't like to be shackled; I do not want Credit Cards, Student Loans, Friends or a husband/boyfriend to tie me down and make me feel bound to them. So, if I can owe no man, woman or entity. I will be happy. I love sharing - just without the strings.

Power TV Review

Any body else hooked on the TV shows Power? I like good TV like the next person but seriously I’m legit hooked, I haven’t been hooked on a show like this since The Wire. The characters, the plot and that fine ass Omari Hardwick. I was disappointed that we didn’t have a new episode this past week but Starz did give a marathon of season 1 and the current season. A marathon that doesn’t lead to a new episode makes no sense to me cause I could have easily watched the episodes On Demand plus I have the show recorded on my DVR but I like background noise so while I worked my TV was tuned to Power.

While watching I found myself getting more involved in the characters and dissecting their decision’s and personalities:

A club owner who doesn’t drink? Tasha & Tommy spoke about Ghost/James/Jamie having a drinking problem on season 1. Now on season 2 he's drinking with everybody. His drinking problem no longer an issue?

Background check- hard to believe that Tasha didn't run a background check on Holly before the FBI did especially after she stole those diamond earrings

Baby Girl: what happened to the little baby girl? The one that almost choked to death because of Jamie & Angie's fieldtrip to the museum

I didn't even catch baby girls name. In fact Ghost and Tasha don’t interact with the kids enough 

Red heads- Ghost knows Tommy has issues with red heads why would he hire Holly a red head and than tell Tommy don't touch the merchandise.

Big Mama! Where's Big Mama now that Tasha is making moves to deal with Ghost cheating ass. I want big mama to confront Ghost

Tasha only calls her husband by the name Ghost –I don’t think I’ve ever heard her refer to him as James unless they were putting up appearances

Ghost is always slapping somebody on the ass. That visual makes me smile

Tasha looks better when Ghost dresses her –for somebody with all this money her choice in clothing is very trashy.

Anybody else watching Power? Are you #TEAMTASHA or #TEAMANGIE? If you are not watching Power, what show has you hooked?

3 Fashion Trends I Avoid


Seems like once you tell someone you blog, they just assume you’re a fashion blogger. I’m not a fashion blogger, as much as I love fashion I have no desire to be a fashion blogger. And to be completely honest with you I wouldn’t be a very good fashion blogger, I’m a repeat offender when it comes to fashion. If I like something I will wear it to death.

I’ve noticed a few times that I’ve been shopping I’ve come back with my money in my wallet and not not really buying anything I’m in love with. When I go shopping I have some fashions I avoid which make my trips to the mall not so pleasant these days

Corkscrew – I already told you I’m a repeat offender when it comes to fashion, with shoes it's worse. It's like this even if I been wearing this 1 outfit with a particular pair of shoes once I have a new pair I want to test out the outfit with the new shoes see if they go.  Here’s my problem with cork it doesn’t matter if you pay good money for a pair of shoes with cork if you wear it too much it will show.  The more you wear the shoes, the cork part turn back and worn down.



Sundresses- I love sundresses but what I don’t like is the sundresses that show all your goodies. I’m 38FF so with me a simple sundress becomes provocative. It’s extremely hard to find a sundress that not cut low so I just stopped trying. I sometime wish their was a way I could keep my 38FF and switch out to a 34B when I want for fashion & working out. 

Dry Clean Only- I got enough going on, the last thing I need is another task or chore. And really even if I drop it off said items at the cleaners it will be a while before I remember to pick up. If I buy something that’s dry clean only I cant just like the item, I have to be in LOVE the item.

Tell me, what fashions do you avoid when you’re shopping?

Where Do You Go To Get Out Of A Badhead Space?

So I mentioned before about my bouts with depression and anxiety. I’m smiling as I type this because never in a million/billion years did I think I would be able to talk about depression in this way let alone write about it on a blog (did you notice how I just mentioned depression so matter- of- factly…progress)! In therapy, I learned about my triggers.  Besides learning about my triggers I had to learn how to help myself get out of a of a bad headspace. A badhead space for me is when the all hippy, Zen, Buddhist, happiness, peace & love bull crap leaves me so when that happens this is where I go:

I'm a people watcher so for me this site gives me a glimpses into the lives of strangers. I'm embarrassed to say how many hours I spend on this site. 


Some of my favorite folks from Humans of New York 


I know what you're thinking 'a liquor Ad??' Just watch, it will be worth it in the end!



I dare you to watch this without cracking a smile 

Where do you go when you're trying to find your happy? Share in the comment section below. 

Should Women Propose to Men?

The traditionalist in me will not allow me to propose to a man.  Anytime I hear of a woman proposing to a man I shake my head. I’m not part of the role reversal movement. Even if you’ve been with a man for years and he hasn’t proposed it has to be for 1 of these two reasons: He’s not financially ready or he’s not ready mentally to be head of household.

So…….I gotta ask: How do you guys feel about this?  Women, would you do it? Men, how would you feel if a woman proposed? Would you feel emasculated?