Why's It Got To Be Complicated???

Apparently Facebook forgot a few of the relationship statuses. Forget Single, in a relationship, married, engaged, and its complicated.

These are the people that I’ve been running into:

Emotionally Unavailable – I’m not in a good situation, I’m still hung up on my ex. I live and breathe for the moment they post something on social media 

Meantime Relationship - You’re the guy /girl I’m with till I meet my Mr./Ms. Right

I’m somebody’s Baby daddy, Baby Mama - I have a child/children they are not the issue but my baby daddy and baby mama may have an issue with you because we’re dating. The drama doesn’t bother you does it? Lets just focus on our Love

Auditioning Life Mates - I’m not dating to date I’m dating in search of a life mate, sooner rather than later please

Virgin Territory - I’ve never been in Love, never been in a relationship I have no idea how this is going to work so bear with me

Sex Please - I just want my way with you and will then move on to the next contestant.

3 Dates - After three dates of wining and dining you and being a sheep in wolves clothing I want your panties at your knees 

Emotional Roller Coaster - I’m on an emotional roller coaster right now I don’t know if I’m coming or going but I’m willing to date. Care to join me for the ride? 

God Will Answer My Prayers - I’m hoping/praying for the next relationship to fix everything that’s wrong in my life 

Lets Hang Out - I want sex, with no strings attached

Romantically Challenged - I fall in love, quick and hard and oh yeah P.S. I don’t know how to show love

Did I miss any? I’m still single, I’m sure I will run into others. I will be sure to keep you updated. Who have you meet on the dating scene?

New Rules of Dating When Meeting the Family

No good man (by good I mean respectful) would introduce you to his family (mom, dad, brother, sister, kids) if he's not serious about you, Right??? 

For my parent's generation, meeting the family meant that your relationship is solid, it was a moment that you waited for. The person is serious about you, they are not dealing with other people and they see a future with you hence why you are meeting the family. 

The dating rules have changed  “meeting the parents,” mean nothing! His sister, his mother and his best friend from elementary will take you in with open arms (cute shoes girl! they hiring where you work?) knowing that he’s still in a situation with his baby mama and/or his on again off again girlfriend of 5 years.   

 We cant’ make assumptions.  Don’t let an invite to Easter Sunday or a family social make you think that you are exclusive or have you walking around with your guard down.

Processed as you were before the invite to “meet the family”. It’s more than likely just a date/outing where he doesn’t have to spend $$$

Sad I know, but we can’t overthink things… it’s not worth the heartache.

NYC Financial District = Cutie Run Potential

Recently I went to NYC for a girl’s trip with some friends.  For me this trip was #OperationDon’t SpendAnotherValentinesDayAtHomeDoingNothing.

We stayed at the beautiful Conrad New York in Lower Manhattan near the Financial District. The rooms are big and spacious with sitting area and the bathroom/shower will have you wishing you were with a man (if you had a man) instead of your girlfriend (Think glass shower doors with streaming water fall). The hotel also happens to be steps away from the New Trade Center and the National September 11 Memorial. 

While the trip was fun and I enjoyed catching up with my girlfriends I’ve come back with some Intel.

The Financial District M-F before work/during the lunch rush and after work is a great place for a “cutie run”. Walking down those streets were many attractive, professional men. All shades of beautiful in a suit and going to a 9 to 5 Sexy!!

For those that don’t know a “cutie run" as crafted by Demetria Lucas is of A Belle in Brooklyn is a way for women to meet potential mates. When you see someone you find attractive or who looks interesting, you smile, say hello and pay a compliment or ask a question. After some small talk if he’s available, give him your contact information so he can call/ask you out. 

I didn’t meet anybody on this trip. It was 8 degrees, way too cold for this Miami girl to be striking up a conversation with anyone But trust and believe I’m going back when the whether is warmer for a cutie run. 

If you plan on going on your own cutie run this video may be help: https://vimeo.com/9032013

Mr. Good Enough

I’ve met Mr. Good Enough and I don’t want him.

I’ve said this at 25, 27 and 29. Now that I'm 30 I have moments where I have doubts (who doesn’t?)

I’ve started going over the names under good enough list and putting the 80/20 rule into the equation, wondering if like me some life experiences have molded him into my ideal man.  I’ve gone over the list and I even thought about reaching out to one of them but I stop myself every time.

Looking back at the time what I said made sense then and it still makes sense today. I want and deserve that whole package. A man who I’m madly in love with who is in love with me. Someone who shares my morals/values and is willing to meet me half way even when we disagree.

And preferably someone who’s comfortable within their skin, ambitious and without child. (I’m thinking the without child will have to be omitted from my list soon because its getting harder and harder to met a man 30 and older without child these days but that’s another story for another time.)