A Freaks Oath

 Men are trifling, cheating,  lying dog complex reaches an all time high whenever I hang out with my male friends. By friendship standard these guys are good guys. They show up, and they love and support me when needed but they also give a bad representation of men & relationships.

This friend in particular is newly single and because we're going to be referencing, his trifling ways here on the blog often I feel it's only right that we give him a name  .

So Ladies & Gentleman, meet Bronx. Bronx is in his early 40’s. He’s smart, good looking and successful.  As a newly single man he’s enjoying his new found singleness by enjoying, I mean, hell you guys know what I mean. So me being the great friend that I am, I'm get tortured with all the sordid details of his sexcapades🙈🙉🙊


Kissing is a part of sex right?? Well I consider kissing to be part of sex I don’t know how he does it but Bronx is able to engage in sexual relations with women without kissing them. I know that people show affection in different ways but kissing without sex? Who does that?? Let Bronx tell it, he says sex without kissing is quite common. He says "It’s an understanding among freaks. We don’t trust each other so therefore we don’t kiss each other".

Anybody else took this oath or know of this understanding?  Are you having sex without kissing too?

7 Rules of Dating From a Serial Dater

I’m no dating expert (I don’t even know what qualifies someone as a dating expert) but I decided to put together a list of dating tips. Keep in mind these rules are according to the rules that I’ve made up my mind


  1. If I’m not married I’m single
  2. Us going on 1 or a few dates doesn’t equate to were dating/in a relationship. Until we are exclusive, I can date multiple men at the same time
  3. Social Media- No I’m not on Instagram or Twitter. I’m not sharing my social media platforms this is were I vent and share my random thoughts. You having my Instagram is like you having a playbook on all things Lovely  
  4. Traditional rules of dating still apply –ask me out, have a plan, open doors & pull out chairs
  5. No chain food restaurants – really it's just a matter of preference I don’t like chain food restaurants and prefer to dine where linens and silverware on the table . This has nothing to do with $200 dates 
  6.  Lets ease into texting. All out conversations cannot done by text. I need to hear your voice and to know that you can hold a conversation
  7. We will be putting our conversation skills to work- a little small talk,  you ask a question, you allow me to answer, I ask a question and so on.  And PLEASE Keep up with trends and current events so we will have things to talk about. That means READ! For me there’s nothing sexy than a man that reads and can hold a conversation. 

Truth Moment- It’s been a while since I’ve met anybody new. I get in these bouts where I’m out being social in hopes of meeting somebody and then I get turned off by the whole dating/meeting somebody thing. By society's standard something must be wrong with me to be 31, single (never married) no children but me I like to think I have a couple more years before I start hyperventilating ……maybe or maybe not

Come to think of it I know a lot of former 31 yr old who are in their 40’s now still single (never married) no children who regret that they didn’t make a bigger effort in meeting someone or being more sociable. Lots of regrets and a whole lot of shoulda, woulda, coulda. I’m vowing to make a bigger effort on my part. I’m getting back in the dating game I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

P.S. I’m just going to put it out there, I’m open to blind dates


As a blogger this is exciting, my first letter asking for advice. I gave my two sense of the situation but I welcome your persecutive of the situation too. 

Dear Apparently You Didn’t Know,


I saw your repost of Wendy Williams going off on the girl dating a married man. It made me reflect on my current situation. Just to clarify I am not and repeat am not dating a married man. However the person I am seeing currently lives with his kids mom. They have one child together and live in the north east (which we know how expensive it is there). A bit of a background of me, I have been married before and I am currently in my 30s. This started as way for me to get over someone else. The guy was upfront and honest about it , which is more than I can say for most men I've dated. Now it has grown into much more. Several I love yous, please don't leave, and its only been four months. I feel wrong asking him to leave because I keep thinking where is he going to go if he leaves and I am so not ready to move in with anyone I'm seeing at the moment. However the chemistry we have js unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am not even referring to the sex. I talking about how we play, joke, smile, and laugh with each other. We were out of town and he was trying to convince me we should go get married right then and there. It reminds you of the love in the movie the notebook. Its intoxicating. I've never loved and have been loved like this before. I know the perfect guy doesn't come rapped in a bow, everything starts from somewhere. I believe that nothing worth having comes easy and sometimes you have to fight for what you want. But I am morally torn. 


any advise you can give would be great


respectfully confused drunk in love


Dear Confused Drunk In Love,

Honestly, you should have never accepted the 1st date but at this point it sounds like you are in too deep to even cut things off on your own free will.

You put great emphasis on the fact that you are not sleeping with a married man but lets be clear you are in LOVE with a man that is not necessarily yours, he lives with another women.  Is he telling you that he’s not sleeping with his baby mama? If so, do you believe him?  Cause I highly doubt that he’s living under the same roof but not sleeping with her. He’s absolutely lying about the circumstances surrounding why they live together. As a single women, I find myself running into Mr. I live with my baby mama but we not together too. Men are changing tactics no more lying telling you they single that requires a lot of work. They tell you half-truths. Telling you that he lives with his baby mama makes it so that you wont be asking to spend the night or allow you to nag him with other relationship type questions that every man dreads.

The reason that you are even questioning this relationships is because you are not comfortable with being the other woman and the shame that comes along with being a man that is not yours. You deserve better and you know it.

If you are willing to deal with the drama that is sure to come along with sleeping with a man that hasn’t ended his relationship with his almost ex then I’m going to tell you like I tell my girlfriends if you like it, I love it. 









Apparently He Didn't Know...

Navigating the dating world leaves me with many questions. Questions like: Why did he say that? What did he mean by that? Does this mean that he’s interested or not interested?  Who initiated our last conversation, is it my turn to call? 

So many questions that I decide to put together list of moments that left me saying hmmmm…….. Maybe he didn’t know  

A little bit of insight into my world as a single women:

Apparently he didn’t know when getting to know me good morning texts mean nothing without a follow-up of genuine conversation. 

Apparently he didn’t know when you only call me on the drive to or from work, I understand that you are only talking to be because you are free to talk. You are not making time for me. 

Apparently he didn’t know when I say Goodnight at 2:15 pm that mean you just said something wrong. You done messed up buddy!

Apparently he didn’t know hitting is a good thing. Hitting or touching while I’m laughing  is my way of telling you that I’m interested. This is for all the brothers who say they are clueless to if a woman is interested.

Apparently he didn’t know liking all me selfie’s on IG leaves me saying what??? Is that your way of telling me that you like me?  Send me a DM next time telling me: I would like to take you out sometime, when are you free?

I know I’m not the only one experiencing these situations. What didn’t your partner or husband know? Or maybe it was you that that didn’t know something. Tell me about it.

Apparently You/He/She /We Didn't Know………….

Is There Such A Thing As Being 'Too Broke To Date'?

The conversations I have with my male friends always leave me enlightened and sometimes making me hate men. Their take and perspective on love, women & sex sometimes has me questioning the male species (not that I wasn’t questioning them before). We all know that women and men think differently so for me (and for them I suppose) having an outside party to help you see things in another light or tell you that you are overacting is healthy.

You’re probably thinking "is this girl going to broadcast her friend’s relationship issues?" No!!!!!! I would never do that; I’m not that type of friend. But I wanted to share my takeaway from the conversation.

So long story short without giving away too many details. My friends' friend called him asking about the morning after pill.  He wants to know if I've ever used the pill before, and how he should approach the subject of taking the pill to a girl he’s been dating for the past few months.  I don’t personally know my friends' friend but when he called I happened to be around so me being a women he asked me about the morning after pill.

So I shared with him what I knew:

1.     Its an over the counter drug. No prescription needed

2.     You use the morning after pill within 72 hours (3 days) after you have had unprotected sex or experienced birth control failure.

3.     It costs anywhere from $50 t0 $56

This is where the conversation went left for me. The price of the pill bothered him. Why does it cost that much? Don’t they give them out free somewhere? $56 dollars!!!!! No judgment on my end cause you never know someone’s situation it could be a bad week, or maybe it’s the first of the month. I’ve been there so I understand.  But I learned that he’s not working and has been out of work for a long time. THIS is where I step onto my soapbox.  If you have been out of work and cant afford $56 dollars you shouldn’t be laid up with nobody! Now this goes for men & women. Seems to me that if you are out of work your focus should be on finding a JOB!  He’s been out of work for a long time, and he’s been dating this girl for a couple of months. So that left me wondering if his pockets are so dry, how can he even get it up? 

I would like to hear your thought.s Do you see nothing wrong in his situation or are you like me? If you don’t have $56 dollars and you don’t see the money coming from anywhere in sight, sex should be the last thing on your mind. 

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