Be Careful Who You Intern For

Is it just me or is anyone else calling bullshit on these random brands and their internships?

Your instagram boutique is poppin and you can't handle all of the inquiries nor can you afford to hire someone to do it. Why not hire an "intern"? Don't get me wrong. I'm all for people growing their business and gaining klout, but they shouldn't be offering internships until they've established themselves as a credible business. 

The job market is still so poor that the smart move to make is to get an internship. 

Internships are supposed to be job training for those looking for experience. But instead they have turned into a way for up and coming brands to get work done that they either don't want to do themselves or don't know how to do.

An internship should provide a resource for you to learn and grow from. If they are asking you to perform duties that no one in the company can do, then they're just using you for your skills. 

Before accepting any internship, please make sure that the Brand/Company is reputable and that you will actually be learning from someone in the field that you are looking to enter. And if it isn't a successful brand yet, then at least make sure that it's a brand that YOU trust and believe will actually add to your resume. 

If you're not going to be getting paid in cash, at least get paid in knowledge. 

Over Sharing

Apparently people don’t know there is such a thing as of over sharing. I’m surprised every day to the response that I get when  I say "good morning, how are you doing today”?

“Not so good, my house is in foreclosure, I’m having car issues and oh yeah my husband is cheating on me”

Don’t go into a long tangent about all the wrongs going on in your life. People ask how you're doing to be polite or as a conversation starter. Don’t use this time to volunteer bad information about yourself when you meet new people. 

Proper Responses to how are you doing:

1.  Good, thanks, how about you?

2. Fine, thank you!

3. Good! And you?

Congratulations! Is not enough

Apparently You Didn’t Know as a friend "congratulations on the new business venture!" is not enough. You show support of the business by doing the following:

1.     Paying for a business or service being sold NOT asking for a free sample

2.     Sending a paying customer their way 

I’m mindful about this more than ever after I had a conversation with a girlfriend about the lack of support she been feeling from friends and family with getting her business off the ground.  In my case I had already referred some people her way and I would be willing to share her services here on the blog but she’s not quite ready for that big of a debut. When she is ready though I’m willing.